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Limit Lookup Choices

If a SharePoint list includes Choice fields with Allow ‘Fill-in’ choices set to No. These work as expected in that the user can only select an option from the available choices when creating entries within SharePoint.


When an auto-generated PowerApp is created from this SharePoint list, the Choice fields are usually created as a Lookup. However, Lookups do not behave as the original SharePoint field. They allow type ahead to aid selection when there are many items to select from, but this can cause an issue if the user does not select a valid result or continues typing onto the end of a selection.




In addition, when the app is used on a mobile phone, clicking on a Lookup brings up the keyboard, which is not always welcome.


It would be helpful to have an option within the Lookup to make it function like a Drop Down. With Drop Downs, a user is limited to just the choices avaialble with no typeahead and the keyboard is not invoked when the control is clicked when on a mobile phone.

Status: New
Helper I

I agree completely.  The keyboard popping up on mobile devices after selecting a lookup value in the drop down is very annoying and users hate it to the point where many avoid the app on the phone.

Not applicable

Is microsoft going to fix this issue?  it makes Powerapps and sharpoint almost unusable for data collection.