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Liquid functions desperately needed

Author Name: Rex Wessels

The following liquid filters and functions will make customizing portals so much more powerful and easy:

  • {{ variable | json }} - The ability to jsonify a variable. This allows to access attributes that are not documented on complex types like lookups and optionset fields
  • Type filters e.g. {% if variable | typeof == "Adxstudio.Xrm.Web.Mvc.Liquid.EntityReferenceDrop" %} - to allow better management of fields and objects returned from Liquid, especially for dates. The only way I could see to determine if a field is a date type is to do: {% capture d1 %}{{ someEntity[fldname] | date_add_days: 0 | date_to_iso8601 }}{% endcapture %}{% assign d2 = d1 | truncate_words: 2%}
    {% if d2 == "Liquid error:..." %}not a date{% else %}It is a date!{% endif %}
  • Improve liquid documentation to include details for objects like EntityReferenceDrop and OptionSetValueDrop and the awesome fetchxml snippet
  • It would be really great to be able to declare small functions in liquid that could be called multiple times, e.g. the code snippet above to determine if a field is a date. This sort of exists by including snippets and passing variables, but could still be considered.
  • Ability to update CRM records from within liquid. e.g. a setting on the user profile {% update user.new_lastpagevisited = page.url %} or any other entity (with correct entity permissions)
  • Ability to execute a custom action from within liquid and get the returned value, e.g. {% assign actionresult = executeAction["new_actionName"] inputvariable1:10, inputvariable2:user.fullname %}
  • Better DateTime control (including daylight savings), and filters for user timezones e.g. {{ entities["someEntity"].createdon | ToUserTimezone }}

It would be really great if you could consider at least some of these functions.

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