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List access via PowerApps only

We have been exploring several applications for PowerApps, however in many scenarios we want to be able to restrict what information end users are able to view and edit.  It is easy to control this with PowerApp filters, however users also require Read/Edit permissions to the SharePoint list.  Direct access to the SharePoint list circumvents any controls applied within PowerApps.  Workflows offer a workaround, however this adds many layers of complexity to even the simplest of applications.


We would like the ability to provide access the SharePoint list via PowerApps only.  For example, a SharePoint list permission could allow editing via PowerApps only:  Edit via Powerapps: Can view, add, update and delete list items and documents via PowerApps.


This would allow PowerApp creators to control access to List data without having to worry about users accessing lists directly.

Status: New