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List all users with access to current application

I have a scenario where it would be really useful to list all users that have access to the running/current application. That is - the users that the app creator has shared his/hers application with. Having this ability will limit, for example, who can get involved in the workflows generated by the app (some users may accidentally send emails etc. to users that aren't supposed to get it).

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Hi @JohnP it looks like you can use the PowerApp for Admins connector to achieve this: It's documented but good luck finding an example :). I'll create a video for you in a few days if it would help. You can translate the connector into a gallery to show the list after passing in the appid. 

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Hi @BrianKnight ... interesting, I looked at the connector, but I could not see how to list the users. If you could find some solution I would appreciate it 🙂

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Is there anymore information on this? I still can't seem to figure out how to see all of the users an app has been shared with.

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