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Listbox - Pre-Selection of Listbox from Existing records

I can select multiple items on a Listbox. I wish to then save this selection with the possibility of have my selection recorded.

i can use Concat to turn my Selections in the Listbox to Comma Delimited text  so i can then save it to a DB or Sharepoint list. Listbox Update will not let me save the list without converting it to text anyway.


upon opening the record to edit it , Default will not allow Tables and  obviously there is no match for my comma delimited text .. i will only allow one item to be pre-selected.


Can i retrieve data and Pre-Select the Selected Items in a listbox when i open the record to edit? please






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is there any progress on this? That it's not just possible to receive a selection, e.g. 3 out of 10 items, but that it is possible to set a selection, e.g. 3 out of 10 items. Like in other can restore their state.

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Hi , 


I am facing the same issue , could you please help on this 

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I need an easy method to set the ListBox Default property such that multiple values are pre-selected.  Alternatively, I would like to set or force the ListBox SelectedItems to a predefined list of values.  Currently it does not appear that the default poperty can be set with multiple values.

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me too!

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Hi @Audrie-MSFT , I am also facing the same problem of not being able to preselect values in Listbox. I have tried as you suggested to load values into a collection and then set the listbox 'items' to the collection. But in this way, the listbox only displays what is in the collection. It will not display all options nor have the displayed options preselected.

I tried to set the listBox defaults to the collection while setting the listbox items to the full options list, but the defaults only accepts Text values and I could not get it working.

Please suggest.



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Hi !

Up ! What about this feature ?

It's very important...


Thanks 😉

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is  there any updates on default selecting multiple items in a multi select listbox?




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I'm utterly surprised that this is not implemented for a list but it is implemented for a dropdown list...

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This is actually a BUG, and not a new feature request - 


If the list is able to SELECT multiple Items, then it should also be able to DEFAULT to multiple Selected Items, just like the ComboBox does. It does not make ANY SENSE to have the one capability without the other - it was clearly a (glaring) oversight by the development team that needs to be fixed.


I would also imagine that this is a fairly simple update, as the functionality ALREADY EXISTS in the ComboBox control.


Also, I see that this was first suggested in 2016 - it is now late 2021.

So, it looks like it takes Microsoft more than 5 years to fix obvious bugs like this?