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Listbox - Pre-Selection of Listbox from Existing records

I can select multiple items on a Listbox. I wish to then save this selection with the possibility of have my selection recorded.

i can use Concat to turn my Selections in the Listbox to Comma Delimited text  so i can then save it to a DB or Sharepoint list. Listbox Update will not let me save the list without converting it to text anyway.


upon opening the record to edit it , Default will not allow Tables and  obviously there is no match for my comma delimited text .. i will only allow one item to be pre-selected.


Can i retrieve data and Pre-Select the Selected Items in a listbox when i open the record to edit? please






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is there any progress on this? That it's not just possible to receive a selection, e.g. 3 out of 10 items, but that it is possible to set a selection, e.g. 3 out of 10 items. Like in other can restore their state.

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Hi , 


I am facing the same issue , could you please help on this 

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I need an easy method to set the ListBox Default property such that multiple values are pre-selected.  Alternatively, I would like to set or force the ListBox SelectedItems to a predefined list of values.  Currently it does not appear that the default poperty can be set with multiple values.

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me too!