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Live version of DataSourceInfo

In my PowerApp using CDS for Dynamics 365, I make extensive use of

DataSourceInfo('DataSource', DataSourceInfo.DisplayName, "ColumnName")

for things like Text labels and such.
Unfortunately, the result of this seems to be fixed at the time of saving and publishing a PowerApp.

Hence, while, for example, changes to entity records, Option set values, etc as part of standard Dynamics customizations, are reflected in the PowerApp, changes to the display names are not.
In particular, changes to (user) language settings and translations, seem to also not propagate to PowerApps.

Thus, I am proposing a live version of DataSourceInfo, which gets evaluated on-line, on time, for example, at the time of OnStart, OnVisible, or OnSelect which makes it possible for PowerApps to reflect changes to DisplayNames of fields in Dynamics without having to touch the PowerApp itself.

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Status: New