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Loading Datasources when needed in App, not all at once

I made an app which allows you to edit about 100 different Excel tables in one app. All of these tables need to be loaded in on startup as the different datasources. Since I have so many to load in at once I keep getting multiple 'Too many requests' errors (seen this happen to other people aswell). I can continue in the app after clicking away all the error messages, and I can open the datasources that failed to load by simply hitting the refresh button.

This isn't very user friendly, so I was wondering if I could only load the datasources when they are needed in the app, so not all at once? This way I wouldn't get the error messages and users could acces all the needed Excel tables by just refreshing the ones they need, this would lead to a lower workload on the server side and a lower workload on the app itself.

Status: New