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Locking items position, size

Medium priority

Ability to lock items on the screen. Their size and position. Something what will avoid accidental movement of the items on the sceen when editing


Status: New
Regular Visitor

This idea/request has been here a long time. Anyone who does any amount of development with power apps is totally frustrated by this problem. Any update on consideration?

Regular Visitor

This would encourage the use of responsive design patterns and would be a great addition to Power Apps.

New Member

Agreed. Any of the aforementioned ideas would be useful in limiting the chaos that can ensue if objects are accidentally moved or resized when formulae are linked to the location or size. 

Advocate I

A much needed critical feature! Wasting a lot of time rewriting the positioning formula after accidental drag /click on the items. Any update please. 

Regular Visitor

This is a must have nowadays modern WYSIWYG editors. 

Regular Visitor

Actually, this is implemented now! From the ribbon on the view menu.
I don't know when it first came out.

Regular Visitor

Pleeeeeeease do this! Drives me absolutely crazy

Helper I

This is SUCH a need for responsive apps... I do not even dare to share my app with any other dev because of the risk all formulas getting deleted. Yet I drag/delete myself on a weekly basis


. Please consider this as a quick win to implement !! 

Helper I

@JenM where exactly do you find this? I am still unable to find such a feature on any ribbon in powerapps studio