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Lookup Site Columns from a SharePoint parent site added to a list in a subsite do not show up in the list of available fields in the PowerApps data connection.

  • Site column is a lookup column in a parent site
  • Site Column is added to a list in a subsite
  • The column does not appear in the PowerApps Data Source for the list
  • It does however appear in the standard modern list form and they also appear when using InfoPath

This is a serious issue for site architectures that have multiple subsites inheriting site columns and content types from the parent site.  I have no choice but to use InfoPath until this can be corrected.


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I am having this same issue and will likely need to duplicate lookup lists from parent site onto subsites just so that PowerApps forms on the subsites can see the lookup fields.


I see this was submitted in March 2019 - has it been reviewed yet?

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I found a work around - kind of by accident, really, when just thinking outside the box and poking around...


Since the issue SEEMS to be lookup fields from a parent site (works find if the lookup field/list is at the same site level), I went to the PowerApps form, and when clicking Edit Fields, then Add a custom card.  When the custom DataCard shows up, click Insert at the top, then Input, and select Drop Down.  With the drop down field selected, in Properties click the None dropdown for Items, then in Connectors, select SharePoint.  Once the SharePoint connector is added for this field, you will get a prompt to enter the URL for the list location (for the lookup list), then select the lookup list.


Works like a charm for me!  I'll have to test the new form submit and where the drop down selection goes, but so far so good.  Hope this helps.

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@staceylaney's solution seems to be a widely-used workaround but it doesn't address the visibility of associated lookup fields on the referencing list's list view.  Therefore, no one can filter or sort based on those fields.  If your unique Id for the parent site's reference list is not meaningful to the user, you have a real problem.


I would say this functionality is still needed.  We also have many lists with more than six of these lookups and it's a lot of work to manually address them.