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Lookup targets - email entity's "from" field metadata

Author Name: Daniel Cai

When using SDK to retrieve the metadata for "from" field in email entity, we found its LookupAttributeMetadata object's Targets property has only two values which are "queue" and "systemuser". A CRM email record could be coming from any clients or a system user, so the "from" field should be no different from "to" field, in which case should have the same 5 targets: account; contact; lead; queue; systemuser.

Status: New
Level: Powered On
Status changed to: New
Level: Powered On
I understand that there is a reason that only two entities are returned when the request is initiated from UI, as we don't suppose to create CRM email records which are sent by a client (account, contact, or lead) using UI. It would be ideal to return the full list when the intention is for web service consumption. I understand that this may not be something available in short term, but would hope this is considered for a future enhancement so that we can return more accurate metadata depending on the intention.