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Macros for Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM) Options

Watching Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM), it makes you feel it will be the "future" of database. Let's see.
While Relationships between two Entities exist via the Lookup function, Entities need (similar to Access) On Insert, On Update, On Delete ETC Macros, so to be able achieve data integrity at the DB level.
Unless Flow is meant to do this job, then Flow needs to be finetuned to be able doing it.

Status: Planned

See notes from @CWesener above.

Power Apps

Hi Yahya,


Thanks for your feedback! This is definately an area we are working on at the moment and plan to address in a future release.




Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned

See notes from @CWesener above.

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Hi, I am glad that this has been planned! Wonderful work dear Flow Team