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Make CountIf and Count delegable

Hello, today I was looking for delegable functions for take records from a SQL Server. I was using the Count and CountIf for know how many records satisfy a condition, this functions are just looking for the first 500 rows in my database, would be nice if it looks all database.


Also corresponding with this, it would be even better if we can just throw a SQL Query to a database from Powerapps, would be easier to manage the data instead of the pre-build functions.



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Agree. My app included various counts of records, however I have about 4000 records. My workaround was to create a separate SharePoint list to store the counts and a lot of logic in PowerApps to capture events where the counts need to be incremented or decremented, which makes it difficult to maintain and also slows down the performance of the app (due to Patch and refresh).