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Make Power Apps low code extensions be more accessible like Wordpress Plugins or Page templates for all types of users and promote this product to a wider user base

Create a Power Apps environment that is easy to make additions for most users to make their own enhancements. Much like Visual Studio Code only this also requires coding knowledge. Also, please get rid of the bootstrap dependency which also has a Jquery dependency. You could even get more creative and figure out ways to add low code solutions, as "plugins" or as we would refer to them as enhancements, so that would be itself is a low code solution to make enhancements. A great strategy to this is existing office 365 products. Another great strategy is again borrowing from Wordpress where you can use the admin UI to create extensions of functionality for the website.

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Also, please make this more like Wordpress. Let me provide a use case story and how it can profit Microsoft.


The problem with Wordpress is, when you combine lets say 20 major plugins, there can be breaking changes and errors, but it mostly works. Another issue is you need a large server to run it with enough plugins. I had put together a Wordpress application, with storefront capabilities, group memberships, subscription sign ups, contact pages, group views based on subscription types purchased, a payment processor, and a social network in one week of research and brought to production. I may have had even more plugins doing things in the background of this solution. Can Microsoft do this successfully?