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Make PowerApps SharePoint List apps render the same as native SharePoint List Forms

The native SharePoint List form that is default in SharePoint works super fast, always renders correctly, has fast-loading People Picker fields, has subtle animations, and is responsive for all screen sizes, etc. like a regular website.  For some reason, SharePoint List Forms customized in PowerApps, are often slow-loading, the user has to grant the form access to the list data (despite already being in that specific List), the fields don't render consistently half the time (I've received complaints of the form not showing up at all, or the field boxes not showing up and they have to press Shift+F5 a bunch of times until it randomly shows up); the people picker is slower to load, the form doesn't pop up sometimes, etc.


Since SharePoint List Forms are treated differently than regular apps in PowerApps, the experience needs to be better and consistent especially since SharePoint is already modern and there's no other way to customize forms anyway except for PowerApps.

Status: New

Same experience for me.  I can't really use the customized forms in a Sharepoint List made with PowerApps because it's so inconsistant and the performance is terrible.  It only renders correctly less than half the time.  What's going on with this?