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Make PowerApps exportable - extendable

Indeed, innovative non-developers have great ideas and this tool empowers them to easily build UIs with my APIApps for a backend.

But with ease of use comes limitations - inevitably many PowerApps will need functionality that the PowerApps designer cannot handle. At this point the app needs to be exported and extended using Visual studio or other dev tools.

With Siena this was somewhat available by cracking the .appx.

We need this or better for PowerApps.

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Status: Under Review
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I'd very much like a way to provide some custom controls, third party vendors could then enable whole toolkits for Power Apps.

There will always be a control not included in Power Apps and a way to write it in a decent language (maybe TypeScript) was great. 

Power BI Custom Visuals demonstrate what is possible and are a great example of how great extensibility is 🙂

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Something I would like to see is the ability to publish the app for a local file.  My company uses server based but the program that I created needs to be locally installed on everyones computer.  When I finally finshed and invited co-workers to the app - they have to login to their Microsoft account.  Many co-workers use their personal emails for a MS account and not our employeer email.  So when I invite them to try the app, they can't just open the link and get directly to it, they have to create a MS account login and then get to it.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
Power Automate
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Hi, any update on the status of this request? We run a reasonably disciplined dev process here and want a way to:


1) Develop as a team with members checking in to source control (git)

2) Use automated DevOps to build and push to a release pipeline

3) Promote through test environments into production



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Any news on this? The lack of maturity in the powerapps development process due to limitations of the platform is a real issue.