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Make bot start the conversation

It appears that the bot always waits for the first move e.g. Hi. It would be useful if there was a tick box "Start conversation automatically" where the bot starts e.g. Hi, I'm you bot...

Status: New
Level: Powered On

If the system can identify a new user added to application or someone has entered your website, having the bot initiate the conversation would be great. 

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At what point do you think  humans are at risk of going extinct because we made ourselves obsolete since ai bots are doing everything we formerly did ourselves?

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Good Idea, I would fully support if bot can start a conversation and greet the user before he/she ask any question.

Level 8

Great idea, many people need this feature! 🙂 

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Currently the auto-triggered welcome message is not enabled for web canvas (It is enabled in Teams and Facebook Channel). To be able to trigger the welcome message in web canvas, a hidden event activity need to be sent to the bot by the canvas.  The activity type="event" and name="startConversation".


There are some sample code on  how to implement in canvas:



Level 8

Thanks for your suggestion @4LB3r7 ! 🙂 

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Should we mark this idea as completed?

Level: Power Up

Please don't mark this idea as completed since we want it "out of the box" without any web canvas coding. Does that make sense? Thanks.