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Make launching PowerApp faster for end users

Please make starting a PowerApp much faster. It seems a bit slow both on iPhone (Between 8-10sec) and Windows (between 4-6 sec).

They must be very responsive for end users


Peter Selch Dahl shared this idea · December 19, 2015

Status: Completed

We are constantly focused on making all of the apps you build run faster on our platform.  

Solution Sage

We hear you. We are actively looking at ways that we can speed up the launch time.

Advocate IV

The performance of the latest version is decent. It could be better on mobile platforms, but the web player is fairly quick to launch.

Not applicable

please make a progress info into so i can see why i am wating so long (android)

Regular Visitor

 Please speed it up on android. To give an indication, startup from  old to the app screen takes 30 seconds. Second time around is 15 seconds. To compare, SPConnect takes 2 seconds.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Started
Community Champion

Hi Audrie


Glad to hear that the improvement has "started".


Not applicable

Part of the load time also depends on how the organization app was developed

Helper II

I am assuming this improvement effort will also work in scenarios where the Power App is running on a Power BI report using the custom Power Apps visual.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Started

We have been working towards improving the launch time of the app as a result app launch performance on browser has improved significantly. We are also working towards improving the app launch performance on mobile and will continue to push the envelope on both browser and mobile.


Please feel free to share device or browser information where you think performance is particularly an issue.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Completed

We are constantly focused on making all of the apps you build run faster on our platform.