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Make non work/school accounts usable with powerapps - many companys won't look at this unless we jus

Status: Under Review
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This is a semi-old request but I'm chiming in that, as an educational tech employee who is soon to be retired, and hoping to "gig work" as a developer for my former employer, I would need to build apps with my personal account.


I'd also like to build my own "personal productivity" apps using data from the Office365 subscription that I will have to buy after I retire.


So yes, please let us build apps as non-work and non-school accounts!

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Microsoft has a nice video about what happened to a security guard at Heathrow airport after he discovered Power Apps. 


I'm amazed that he was able to do what he did:

  1. you have to use a work account today
  2. when you do use a work account the process of learning Power Apps becomes almost impossible, in my experience.

Being able to use a personal account for training and development would be very helpful.

I'm having a miserable time getting to know Power Apps with a work account. For example I've just managed to add Power Apps Community Plan to my work account, but can't do Power Automate - when I go to Flows the canvas is blank and there is no menu to create a new flow.

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there is a way for you to do this:


Sign up for a Microsoft 365 developer tenant here: (it creates a tenant domain)

Developer Program - Microsoft 365


Use the email generated by this to sign up for the power platform developer plan:

Power Apps Developer Plan | Microsoft Power Apps


You will love Power Platform