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Make non work/school accounts usable with powerapps - many companys won't look at this unless we jus

Status: Under Review
Level 10

Thanks for your feedback. We will look at enabling non work/school accounts for PowerApps.

Level 10

Level 10

  • Please add this idea, as I have a work account but it says my IT disabled creating new accounts. I've been whitelisted, and I am the IT, was hyped, now, meh. Please fix this.

Level 10

  • Same issue here I wouldhave to build app myself and give prototype before they agree

Level 10

  • Same here. At least make it work for MSDN account holders. I work for a huge company that does millions of dollars of business with the DOD. This a massive opportunity for Microsoft, but without being able to create sample applications to demonstrate the capability, my company, nor the DOD are likely to explore this fantastic new technology.

Level: Power Up

Agree with this, an like Windows App Studio id be great if we could install apps. There is so much potential of good quality apps to be shared via Store if we could do this. Many of us are not developers be skiled enought to use these PowerApps, Siena or Windows App Studio and we could contribute with good apps to the store.

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
Level: Powered On

This is a great idea! Like the way Adobe has Adobe Reader so you can at least interact with PDF forms and it's free.  We have use for this right now.

This would be great that we can share the powerapp with B2B accounts.