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Make pinch to zoom an optionable feature in PowerApps

Could we have the new pinch zoom feature to be settable as an optionable feature?


I can see why this feature would be nice to have but for some apps it can make them clunky to use and lead to a worse user experience. Most users don't expect an entire app to zoom so when they unitentionally pinch the screen they can be suprised by this feature as well as find it annoying because it can and will happen by accident. Typically most standard apps don't support a pinch zoom function unless they support some form of accessibilty feature which often is not enabled by default.


It would be nice to be able to set this up at the app level, or if it at all possible on a user based level in the case that some users find the app hard to read, and so they can turn it on at their own discretion. 

Status: New