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Make "App ID" optional on Canvas App control

When putting a Canvas App via Control on the form, the "App ID" is a required parameter. But, since the App ID of a Canvas App is changing when transporting to a different environment, the "App ID" must be changed, whenever the form, which is including the control, is transported to another system.

That's really annoying and could be changed, if (only) the unique name could be used (and that should not change when getting transported).

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

Or at the very least, we need to be able to retrieve the current environment ID. Idea for that here:

That way you can have an if statement looking at the environment ID and switching between app IDs.

Regular Visitor

Or maybe an "environment variable" that could be retrieved from within an object in the app?

myAppId = ThisEnvironment.AppId


so code running in PowerApps could behave differently depending on the known environment?

This would also avoid having to change AppId reference manually when export/importing in different environment.