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Make spell check functionality in standalone apps and apps surfaced in Teams

The new spell check functionality is great but it is limited to apps accessed via a web browser.  Almost all of the apps that we push out are accessed via tabs in Teams as for us it makes sense for users to be able to access their apps in the same place as their messages, documents etc.

Our users have been asking for full spell check functionality in their apps since last year so I'm hoping this will either be planned soon or is already in the pipeline?

Status: New
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This needs to be fixed.  Note, there are MANY features and other aspects of PowerApps that work one way when you run it from the PowerApps web site and then when you publish it to Teams it behaves differently.  In some cases it behaves differently even if run in a browser.  If we are to adopt this for applications that users are going to HATE then this can be the case.  In addition, it makes it very difficult to test.  You have to test each application at least twice.  I don't believe PowerApps can be distributed as a enterprise solution unless these items are fixed and it runs the same regardless of where you run it and the same in and anywhere else it is published/shared.  Thank you Microsoft for listening and making this tool one that we can fully embrace.