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Make the formula bar to not cover the properties side panel when expanded

No matter what monitor size I have the formula bar when expanded always covers at least part of the properties side panel.
This is super annoying when you want to quickly switch in between properties while still been able to see the whole formula.

Either make it re-sizable or end it before the properties panel.

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Fully align with this idea. I just wanted to suggest completely the same. It's really inconvenient. 

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I agree, but I will extend it a bit further.


The formula bar makes the user experience unpleasant, which is a shame because the interface is very good. It is not just the property panel that the formula bar covers, it is the app itself. For speed, I like to click an item on the the app and see the code. If the formula bar is over the property panel and the app, it can be impossible see the app interface and leads to frustration.


The problem is that the formula bar is concept is borrowed from Excel, where it is a short line of information, if it becomes 50 lines then the formula bar is quite difficult. In IDEs like Visual Studio and Xcode, the code, the property panel and app are in windows. I would hope for the window idea for formulas.

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Agree. It is very incovenient. I vote for this idea.

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Agree with DCFelix. A window to the side or in a separate full width frame at the bottom of screen (where it causes the main screen to resize to suit or is permanently visible)

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It seemed I posted a similar suggestion:





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I totally agree!

@microsoft: Why? Why?? Why???