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Match border radius on drop down with text input fields

I would like to request that for the sake of consistency, drop down controls as well as combo box controls have the same border radius by default as other common controls, or at a minimum the ability to set a border radius on the drop down. I have shared a image to add clarity to my idea.difference in borders.png












Status: New
Regular Visitor

Any Update on this? Even I am looking for Radius option on dropdown..

New Member

I too would love this feature. Received some input from our designer and instead I have to go back and say I cant round the corners on this box.

Helper II

It will be great if we get radius option for DatePicker control.

Frequent Visitor

Agreed.  I have been avoiding use of this control in my projects, for the sake of consistency. 

Advocate I

I wanted to set the border radius for my forms to 25. However, I discovered this was not yet a feature for dropdowns. I agree with @bhalicki  there needs to be consistency here.

Regular Visitor

May I know if there's any update on this request?

Regular Visitor

Anything yet here ??

Regular Visitor
Will this ever be looked at?
Advocate IV

I doubt that this is something we will see in the near future because these ideas don't get enough attention.

This can't be much work to do and is so basic. Sad that this hasn't built in since such a long time.

Frequent Visitor

Any update??.....