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Me. control keyword for self-reference

I know we can reference the current (or any other) control by typing its own name. Aka : BorderColor = <CurrentControlName>.FillColor. This has been documented here :


But... as our naming convention become more sophisticated, it'd be great to have a "Me" shorthand (like "Parent") to refere to the current control. Nothing world-shattering, just something nice to make the code cleaner.


BorderColor = lblFirstName_GalUser_ScRequestLeave.FillColor


BorderColor = Me.FillColor


@Audrie-MSFT @Steelman70 

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Agree - especially as 'components' (preview today) take shape ('if you will'). The reusability of components and/or their sophistication will be limited without a generic 'ThisItem'-type reference. The suggestion of This. or ThisControl. gets my vote. I'm new here, so please go easy  - this idea seems to keep coming up and I'm not sure how to best support the idea within the community nor how to track its status as a potential roadmap item.


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