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Microsoft Teams inside PowerApps?

It would be awesome for users to be able to exchange on a specific item on my app. I would create a chat for each problem in a project.


(Short story: Be able to chat within PowerApps so the user doesn't need to use other apps. The chat would need to handle the usual files, emoticons and everything. Ideally, just embed a Microsoft Teams discution.)


- The first solution was to handle the problems by creating a task in Planner and using the comments of the task but, Planner comment can't handle pictures so, i thought of Teams to handle this but, the exchange would not be specific and many people not related to the topic would be notified (Not even talking about the 20 people limitation). The best solutions would be to create a chat (That handles files) inside PowerApps. The problem is the instantaneous aspect of it. I don't know how to do this without creating a timer that would keep refreshing the source.


- The second solution would be to create a new channel in Teams for each problem but, it would be so annoying to see hundreds of them in Teams and mainly, having to search for the right one! 


- The third solution would be to create a hidden channel (Is it possible?) that would be opened from a button in PowerApps (How? does it work with appres://...?)


Thanks for your time and share if you have an alternative Smiley Very Happy

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The only one that thinks it would be awesome? Bot integration, transparent user interaction in the same application...

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No, I think it would be awesome too and you see chat integrated into the web UI of many consumer platforms such as Facebook. Even many ecommerce sites. Not sure why this has been so difficult to achieve and why MS hasn't thought about it already... maybe by having so many "Apps" it makes for a compelling marketing strategy for them, but at the end of the day it is a pain to switch back and forth between apps. I find the Teams app to be quite a distraction.... should have built that functionality into SharePoint teams... obviously it is possible to do since both are web apps. 

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"In the next few months, you'll be able to embed Teams chat into a Power Apps app; United Airlines is already testing that with apps used by flight crews and operations staff." ... 

"Teams chat is now available in Dynamics 365 Sales for easier collaboration, the ability to embed Teams chat features in Microsoft Power Apps" ... 

"Finally it’s here: Microsoft Teams embedded chat in Dynamics 365" ...