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Migrating from Access Web App to PowerApps more easily

Access Web App is very convenient because it uses Azure SQL Database in the back end but it has been abolished.

PowerApps is announced as a successor service.
Since PowerApps requires a separate Azure agreement when using Azure SQL Database as a data source, it is difficult to migrate from Access Web App to PowerApps using only Office 365 services.
Therefore, I think that it can not be called a successor service.
I would like you to change the database on Azure you used with Access Web App so that it can be used by PowerApps as it is.

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

 And also, if you push the data from your Access App to Sharepoint the lists that get created user list template  120. Lists based on this template CANNOT be viewed in the modern experience, so we CANNOT user powerapps to customize the forms.