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Milestone - enhancement: Overview and Planner integration

I've started to use Milestone to track all the tasks my team is working on for different projects and there are two suggestions I'd like to share:

- An overview page to track different projects. The current bar with the list of projects is not enough to give an overview of the open and ongoing projects. Nice to have then for task a start and end date at least for the project

- integration with ToDo/Planner. What if we have a flag that allows us to create a task in Planner and then manage the information on status and progress in both apps

Some benefits it would be possible to achieve with the Planner integration: 

- it would be possible to use Planner structure for the task (with checklist and status update)

- it would be possible to assign tasks to people that do not need to access the overall planning


I've found the current solution very promising, I hope these enhancement ideas will help the dev team to improve it.


Good luck



Status: New
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