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Mobile Launcher Widget

Currently the process for opening a PowerApp on mobile devices involves opening PowerApps and then launching the app. In Android there are "Widgets" that come with apps that can sit on the home screen and launch a command within an app, like below:



Until other apps can run "headless" without the container, having a PowerApps widget with the user's pinned apps/top apps in the widget could automatically open PowerApps and then the app with one press.

Status: New
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I use an iPhone, but imagine you could do this with other phones. Open PowerApps on your phone to see the list of apps.  Highlight the desired app then click on the down arrow to the right of PowerApps at the top left.. Select Favorites -->. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the app - ->Pin to Home. Follow the directions to add to your Home Screen. It will appear as an individual icon and to open it just click.  Much faster!