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Model Driven Revamp - Site Map

The Model Driven Apps concept need to be revamped. i am sharing topics in separate threads..


In the App Designer, Site Map, Subarea points to an entity is not enough, for such it should also point to a specific view.

Furthermore, I should be able to map an entity (hence a view) more than once.


Suppose I have an Area, called Account (and i have a custom entity called MyPublisher_Account), then I have A Group Called Account Type under which there are these Groups: Supplier, Customer and Bank.


For the Group (button) Supplier, I would like to navigate to Supplier view only (which i predefine), and for Bank button, I should go to Banks view etc.


This does not work, It must be fixed.


Furthermore, the top location bar should be adjusted properly. It messes things up after few browsing.

Status: New