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Model-driven apps: add support for global notifications

Please consider adding support for global notifications in model-driven apps, that would be visibile from any place in the application (forms, views, dashboards, etc.) and on any type of device, including mobile.

Today, notifications are only supported at the form level with the setFormNotification method.

Business case for global notificiations:

  • Compliance: to display a permanent warning to users of the application on how they should use it.
  • News and adoption: to push information to users (e.g. to warn users about a potenial application maintenance downtime, to push usage tips, to remember about particular marketing operations and offers "10% off on this product this week", or to remember to update their opportunities, etc.)

Examples of rendering:

At the form level (this is the only case where this is already supported):


At the view level:


At the dashboard level:


On other types of pages / web resources:


User Experience:

When multiple notifications are present, they are collapsed and must be expanded in this manner, in order not to disrupt the user experience (which is good):

2019-04-24 16_18_34-Account_ Account_ Microsoft - Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Microsoft Edge.png

Status: New