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More Detailed Offline Capability Examples

The current Twitter example of Offline Capabilities , although useful, doesn't really offer enough depth to really get into whats required to build full offline capable apps. There are also a fair few community posts about how to acheive this e.g. here and here, and they all help conceptually get your head around what is required for offline capabilities (i.e. needing aspects for creating, editing, deleting, error handling and mutliple changes), none actually offer steps/a process to go about this. 


In the Offline Mode idea here, @Darshan mentions that there is going to be a Phase 2 implementation that will (hopefully) expand the abilities and introduce them more as standard, but until that is able to be implemented, then more indepth examples would be greatly appreciated. 


Its not so much the type of app that matters in the example, its more that it shows and explains how to handle all the different aspects needed to deal with all the nuances of offline capabilties (and explains why its all needed). Pretty much until PowerApps can deal with CRUD by default, examples could help make your already stellar product (the potential it has is insane), killer. 

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Hi @sulleysullivan


I do agree with you that offline mode capabilities can be further enhanced if PowerApps, which is so much so emphasize by Microsoft as one of the most important tool to stay ahead in ERP system, especially to penetrate in 3rd world countries with poor or slow internet connectivity.


I wish MS PowerApps staff shall really look into NON-USA, NON-iPHONE, NON-Developed Countries world before it is too late. 


MS has missed Smartphone era and Cloud Storage.

With the advantage of Enterpreneur Software experience, MS shall not make mistake again by forgetting the vast market in 3rd world, looking for opportunities to upgrade themselves before really enjoy using smart phone to play but not work.


Hope MS PowerApps could review Google App Maker (which is pushing hard on Progressive Web Apps, too, for poor connectivity)'s strategy to stay ahead.


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Agree with this. A cleaner solution is needed that what is suggested in the example. It's not exactly a no code workaround! I could implement it but the no-coders in my team wouldn't be able to support it.

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Hi ,I need bit of help regarding offline mode using sharepoint , I have tried everything but the local cached data is not getting updated in sharepoint when the app is getting reconnected to internet , though it doesn't shows any errors. Offline data not getting updated in sharepoint.

Below is my code,

Pointer : When user is offline and trying to make a new entry his record is being saved in Collection "LocalUpdatedRecords" and when he regains the internet connectivity the records should be updated in sharepoint list "Offline test" .I have tried Using Patch ,Update ,Collect etc but nothing seems to update the records in sharepoint, any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


If(Connection.Connected && CountRows(LocalUpdatedRecords)>0, ForAll(LocalUpdatedRecords,Patch(OfflineTest,Defaults(OfflineTest),{FirstName :lbl_FirstName,LastName:lbl_LastName,Age:lbl_Age,Mobile:lbl_Mobile})); Clear(LocalUpdatedRecords); SaveData(LocalUpdatedRecords,"LocalUpdatedRecordsToBeAdded"); Refresh(OfflineTest); ClearCollect(OfflineData2,OfflineTest); SaveData(OfflineData2,"LocalCachedData")); Navigate(BrowseScreen1,ScreenTransition.Cover)

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Hi all, 


There is a new blog with a detailed example of how to acheive Offline Capability with a simple app - should be useful for most! 




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