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Move or Copy a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form

It would be nice to be able to create a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form in one site or list (e.g. development) and then be able to move it to another site or list (e,g, production). This would help with development and teting of new and updated forms before they are released to the production. This could also help with the reuse of form designs, so a person isn't always recreating the wheel.

Status: Under Review
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Hi @skylitedave 


I hear you, for me permissions would also not work. 


1. No users don't need premium unless you are obviously using premium connectors in your workflows which are trigger by the apps. I try to avoid automatic workflows because the ones attached to my PowerApps get packeged with my export and get disployed in one go.

2. Basically the tables that the users use most or that have master data, I have a choice field which has 3 options, Dev, Uat and Prod. On each app I have a variable that is set to that environment, e.g. if the app is in Dev the variable is Dev etc. When the app moves to uat, after deploying the app I open it once and change the variable and publish which then makes sure all data queried by the app is for that environment. My forms as well they have the default field that will default to the variable which then means when you submit your data, it will record it as uat or dev etc. My workflows stays the same because the app is what drives what is happening in the workflows.

3. I also haven't tried the embeded forms but mostly I have used the variables only when I am using DataVerse.


I hope that helps.





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Thx for response


Just a quick reminder - This idea/thread is about adding the ability to Move or Copy a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form


I don't see any way to do it using Environment Variables 


Would love to hear if anyone has sorted this out?


In the meantime - Again - we have a tool that will do this today.  There is also a tool on Git Hub that is also mentioned on this thread - 


Here is a link to info on our tool

P2P Express - Move or Copy Power Apps that use SharePoint - Embedded or Stand Alone 



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I'm a bit confused by your statement that you don't see a way to do this with environment variables as we do support them today for solutions.  In fact SharePoint lists is the only data source we support.   There were bugs on this for SP lists that referenced option sets, but those bugs are fixed.  This approach works today for standalone Power Apps. 




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I am referencing an embedded power Apps and that is the topic of this thread - Move or Copy a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form.  


To be clear, I am speaking about a Power App that a user can create by Selecting the Customize with Power Apps option from a SharePoint List.


I tried creating an embedded app, then I tried creating a solution and importing that Embedded App into the solution but I could not access Environment Variables (it would not even show up) in the settings.


I think there is some confusion about what the request within this idea/thread.  I think you have my email and can jump on a teams meeting and go through it with you if you are not tracking...



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@LanceDelano , the need is to have the Power Apps custom form in the list to be move or copied to another site list. There are many ways to copy a SharePoint list but none of those methods include the Power Apps custom form that the list is using.

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As stated many times in this thread - Our Tool will do this - See the link below and watch the video's - Tool is very friendly and easy to use.  Takes less than 5 minutes start to finish


P2P Express - Migrate or Rese Power Apps based upon SharePoint - Stand Alone or Embedded 





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@skylitedave , thanks for making people aware of P2P Express. However, I still believe this functionality should be provided by Microsoft without its customers having to purchase a tool from a vendor.

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@Jeff_Thorpe  Thanks for the clarification.  Yes, I have confirmed that embedded forms with SP lists still have problems in being used with environment variables.  I don't know the exact cause on the custom form in SP side, but I do know that SP lists - in general had issues when they had option lookup columns.  That is my area and that is fixed.  I've brought this up again with those who own this area. 

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I am with Jeff on this - Should be out of the box - has 829 votes and has been lingering unfulfilled for over 4 years


We made the tool (and priced it very low) because we know a lot of customers have this need until such time it is part of the out of the box feature set available - 


We use P2P Express all the time and wanted to make it available for everyone else who need something that is easy to use for a low priced 

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I agree, the ability to re-create a customized list, should be provided by Microsoft.  This is really no different than "back in the day" when we all used InfoPath, and that ability was present there as well. 


In the grand scope of things, my issue mainly revolves around the fact that Microsoft decided to finally fix Communications Sites, but I have a series of Team-Site (no Microsoft 365 Group) that I was using as Hub Sites, that have many, many, many Customized Lists serving as applications, like Requests, etc..

I can easily adjust the Automates, so that the "When item is created or modified" points at a new Site/List but it would take a LONG time for me to create and customize each of the Lists, and I have 0 intention of paying for it.