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Move or Copy a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form

It would be nice to be able to create a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form in one site or list (e.g. development) and then be able to move it to another site or list (e,g, production). This would help with development and teting of new and updated forms before they are released to the production. This could also help with the reuse of form designs, so a person isn't always recreating the wheel.

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HI @R3dKap ,

Thanks for the update, yes i read this article but it was old article so i thought of asking again.

and given solution, i already tried and it is working.


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Recently (writing in November 2019), I notice that the <- Import App "button" has now been changed to

"<- Import Canvas App" on (App tab).


I am somewhat disappointed at this change, as I had previously been able to update SharePoint forms implemented as PowerApps by exporting the Production application to a Sandbox environment to make changes, and ultimately to update the application in Production using an export from the Sandbox environment.


It would be extremely helpful to be able to once more be able to import both PowerApps Canvas Applications and PowerApps SharePoint Forms between development and production systems.


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Hi All, 


Struggling with this as well.

The idea marked as Started, any known ETA?

I did not find it here

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Hey @PowerunAppy


Import Canvas option is also working SP form powerapps. Just did it a few minutes ago.

If you are provisioning the new site with PnP, ensure that the new list is not linked to the existing PowerApp.

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Hi @Anonymous;


Thanks for the update.  So I can update PowerApp-based SharePoint forms using the Import Canvas option in PowerApps  studio?

My application of Import here is less to create a new site, but rather to port an updated PowerApps form to replace that on an existing SharePoint List.  Really a bit like copying a bin/ folder from Staging to Live.  

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Hi @PowerunAppy,

I don't know if you're familiar with the workaround procedure to export/import SharePoint forms customized with Power Apps.

If not, you can find it here:

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Hi @PowerunAppy ,


This is not exactly an update.

You will need to remove the existing form first to do so and then you can import your updated form and republish it. 

Hope it makes sense. 

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We have solved this issue and have a solution available here - 

P2P Express 


The problem with the GitHub offering discussed here is it does NOT make the SharePoint lists you will need in the new target site - you have to do that.  That is not easy since all the lists names and field types and names must be EXACTLY the same as the source.  This is tricky to do in all but the very most trivial apps.


Our solution takes care of all of this.  We migrate Lists, Apps, Embedded Flows, and Stand-Alone Flows associated with an embedded SharePoint PowerApp.


We are the only solution like this.  Do yourself a favor and check it out ….  watch the videos on our site at the link above.  


You can keep hoping Microsoft will release something one day or you can start using our Utility today - P2P Express solves this issue! Email me at for more info....



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looking forward to get this! its such a pain to always have to copy everything manually