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Move the "Delete Table" button FAR AWAY in Dataverse

Hey All,


Can I suggest that you move the "Delete Table" button FAR AWAY in Dataverse!?


I accidently clicked on it yesterday think it was the "Delete Record" button, click the "OK" button at the pop-up, and inadvertently deleted a table. I have since recreated it, but I have to click other buttons around the "Delete Table" button, and I'm FRIGHTENED that I'm going to click it again.




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This is so true. I deleted a table accidentally recently exactly this way. In fact, if you select a row, it shows "Delete Record" and if you accidentally unselect the row, by clicking twice, the "Delete Record" disappears and "Delete Table" appears.  And there is no "Are you sure you want to delete table?" confirmation window.  And there is no method of backup or Recycle Bin.  Yes, you could perhaps restore the entire environment from the backups of 30 minutes ago, but then you would lose data that had been recently entered into other tables by other active apps.