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Multi Developers editting a PowerApps

With PowerApps becoming more and more complex and bigger, the need for multiple developers to edit / update the same PowerApp at the same time becomes more and more prevalent, just like C# development where there is a plethora of tools to support multi-developer development eg GitHub and Visual Studio Teams.  PowerApps (and Flow) is, like it or not, going to be another developement language.which requires multiple developers working in a collaborative way on the same PowerApps App.  Hopefully, PowerApps and Flow will find their way into the next version of Visual Studio.  Until that happens, there is the need for multiple developers to develop the same PowerApps app.  Is there a way of this being made available.

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I agree

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I agree.
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I Agree

Helper I

This is very important feature, will be a big help if added.


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I agree, we have a team only focused on Power Platform and I want to have capability to work with my team on same application project at the same time. 

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Power Apps released a feature to allow multiple developers to work on the same canvas app at once.  Check the article below for full setup instructions.  It was too long to write in a single forums post.


Link to article: "Allow Multiple Power Apps Developers To Simultaneously Edit Canvas Apps"