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Multi-user Editing - - View Only

While rumor is there will be "multiple user" editing of a single Power App application,  I am sure there are a lot of issues to reconcile.  A VERY useful interim solution would be to at least be able to have multiple users LOG into the same app as a VIEWER, although the app would be "locked" for other users to edit, they can at least view the code.   If I'm alone in this, great, but I think it would be useful that the app is not LOCKED and a user cannot see the code, as I am finding the need to reference one app to work on another but cannot see what was done because it is simply locked by the current user.   For whatever reason, even when it is "not in use" there is no time-out of the logged in user and I cannot get in until they physically log out.      Please consider rolling out at least a "view only" option for an app that has a current user logged in, before trying to get multiple editors at the same time.  

Status: New

FWIW, we do have an experimental feature for co-authoring. Not the same thing, but related and a step in the right direction.

It's using git as the collaboration hub.