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Multilingual resource file

One of my clients works in CEE and has offices in 13 different countries having used 13 different languages internally. In order to deliver him PowerApp solution we need to cover all languages - partial covering is not an option. If we could upload resource file (just as any other media file) and then set app localization that will use only values for specific language key - that will solve our issue. Otherwise we have low quality workarounds: - 1 app with hundred lines of functions code - 1 app for each language (total: 13 different apps) Please add option for adding localized resource file 🙂
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You can use an Excel file like a Table where the ID is the original name of the field. Not the best solution but it works as you expect it to. 

This would be a better solution since it's more automated. Would just need a way to be personalized for field-specific terms.

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@WPB that's right - it's kind of a workaround for now. But still you need to handle every text/label programmatically. Which means a lot of code that could (and should) be controlled under the hood. 

What I'd expect is to create label with Text value like "LangRes.MyLabelText" and powerapps will pick language (if provided) the most accurate for user region (took from regional settings or whatever).

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We, Schouw, are rebuilding our ERP proposition, based on Business Central, but redesigning/rebuilding modules completely on PowerApps, Flow and CDS for Apps as well, e.g. Quality Control and Shop Floor Apps. We too deliver our Apps in more than one country. Could we have something like XLIFF file for PowerApps, Flow and CDS?! Preferably before the end of this year 😉 Thanks in advance.

If only we'd have the same type of multiple language support in Canvas App as we have in Model-Driven apps!