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Multiple Accounts (Simultaneously using multiple accounts similar to Outlook app)

Hi all,


It would be good to have user experience similar to how the Microsoft Outlook app handles multiple accounts.  Hit the left hand pane, select your accounts and then your powerapps appear on there.  I currently have 5 different powerapps accounts and different environments in each, and it time consuming to sign out and sign back in each time I want to navigate to an app in a different environment.




Andrew Ly (MVP Business Solutions)



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I agree with Adrew. As a user and as a developer off PowerApps I use several apps for different companies. So I have to log in/log out several times a day.

Advocate I

I agree - this is defintely needed. I have PowerApps in my own tenant that I use and in my work tenant so I have to log in/log out quite a lot.