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Multiple SearchFields does not work in Combobox

Hi PowerApps Community,

I have created an ordering app where users are to search products from a Azure SQL DB. I have inserted a Combobox with 'ItemNumber' and 'ItemName' as both Display- and SearchFields. Unfortunately I can only search on the first SearchField defined when I put the app to play mode. 


My setup of data for the Combobox is a s follows. Please note my european setting which forces me to have slightly different syntax (';' instead og ',').

Image 3.png


I have read a post in the community on the same issue, which seems to be unsolved. Please refer to this post: Multiple search fields - Combo Box issue .

Are there any plans fixing this issue which apparently is a bug?

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Remove the semicolon between the two and add a comma instead.

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@Anonymous: The semicolon has to be there due to language settings. Every country that use a comma , as the decimal sign instead of a dot . has to use semicolons instead of commas and double semicolons where there is a single semicolon on US settings


EDIT: Okay, this is strange. Using a comma will result in an error in the app checker, but it is working... Please Microsoft, this has to be a pretty simple bugfix on your side

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@AlexN Thanks for investigating and get MS attention on this issue. I see they have posted this issue on the idea exchange board.

I will try again and see if scenario is same in my app.  

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This bug is still going on, unbelievable