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Multiselect Picklist


When I was working in 3.0 for a customer, I created a multi select picklist using the inbuilt options from Dynamics CRM. If I could do this then I believe MS can build it and help a lot of customers.

In the advanced find for any status, optionset field in the filter criteriea, we get a multi select picklist. We can move values around in that and it displays the multiselected values as well. I have used this same window and a couple of XML strings to create a similar field on a Form. The XML strings store the Values in my case.

This solution would certainly help a lot of customers and enhances the CRM product as well. The customers I speak to say that it is available in other products and why not here. I see that there is a possiblity and hope you can release it.

Status: Completed

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.

Neeraj Nandwana
PM, Microsoft

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This feature available in v9.0. Thanks MS

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Available in v9, but not possible to use in workflow. Only Javascipt. 

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Would be good if the picklist could be build from a list of records in another entity - EG a list of product names that could be reference from a product entity.

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