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My Expense Report (SP List) Error

Power Apps can not open MyExpenses(SP_List).zip after import,

the error is : Error Opening File : Something went wrong while opening your app,

there is no way to change the app version and the only version under the app detail is "3.18034.7",

the current environment app version is "3.21022.27" and it is not possible to revert back to 3.1X at all,

- already tried with app type of browsers with different users (unsuccessful) 

- is it not possible to change the app version

Is there any way to ask power apps team to update the provided sample zip file ?

Please help to solve the problem.

Thank you


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New Member

Yeah having the same issue where I can't edit the application. Here is my session ID and PowerApps version that you can use as a reference.


Session ID: f0e8da11-f8b6-45c9-9680-7bf8584ea8fe
Power Apps 3.21024.24