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MySQL connector connectivity

MySQL connector currently does not support cloud but supported only when using On-premises data gateway. Thus, we cannot get direct connection on cloud services such as Amazon RDS.

As this is something affecting critically all our cloud customer base and their productive environments, it would be nice if MySQL connector does support cloud service in hope that it will attract more people to get to use/know Flow.


As we are getting connection through On-premises data gateway on Azure VM, here are some things for us that was hard to comprehend:

-The error stating that MySQL Connector/Net is required to connect MySQL connector to On-premises data gateway, however, there is no description in the Technet or other documents. It will be nice if you could describe that in those documents.

-The error stating that 64-bit version of MySQL Connector/Net is required is displayed with an URL. However, there is no 64-bit found in the link page of that URL. Please correct the information in the error.

-I hope you to change the background color of the error window because the red background color might not good for users’ eyes.


Thank you for your consideration.

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Microsoft should look at this, offer this as a service to host MySQL on the Azure portal but seems you cannot use the data in Power App.

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Hoping for the Best.... +10

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