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MySQL support in PowerAPPS

Import data from MySQL DB to powerapps and flow .

Status: New
Advocate III
Advocate III

You can read data from a MySQL database now, but you can not write data to a MySQL database, THAT IS VERY MUCH NEEDED!!!

Advocate I

Can see the preview for the MYSQL connector which is great so you can read, update and insert data. Would love it if the connector could also access the views (particularly for reading data) and also the stored procedures on the db. (simliar to those available via the SQL connector). This will provide huge benefits in accessing data simply especially for truely relational databases where there are quite a few joins to be made.

Frequent Visitor

Hi there,


anyone know if powerapps flow suppor the MySQL stoered procedure?




Regular Visitor

Does anyone have an answer to this regarding if I can use mysql stored procedure?