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NFC tag Scanning

PowerApps Team,


It would be extremely beneficial if you could insert an NFC Scanner as a media (similar use of Barcode scanner).

NFC tags are now being used for huge IoT projects that's why scanning NFC tags' UID and/or memory would be very useful!


Thank you,




Status: Completed

Reading NFC tags is now available in Power Apps. You can learn more in our announce blog and our documentation

New Member

Any news on this? It is still important to have this feature

Regular Visitor

Is this going to be implemented?


We would like to use RFIDs to allow students to sign out by tagging an RFID a points on campus.

Frequent Visitor

@FilipK : So two years ago you marked this as Under Review?  Was the determination to not implement this?  I would say that if Microsoft really wants PowerApps to be a 1st class citizen on mobile devices the ability to access common mobile services such as NFC.  

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This is something I’m currently looking into for asset tracking and am pretty shocked to see this level of demand with no corresponding transparency for development timelines from Microsoft and the PowerApps Team specifically. If it’s as simple as installing an external USB tag reader to trick the app into thinking it’s using a keyboard to enter data, surely it’s simple to utilise the on board tag reader embedded in 99% of phones produced today.

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We want to use this feature for asset tracking. Microsoft can you tell us when this is going to be implemented in PowerApps?

New Member

This has been "UNDER REVIEW" for a long time.  It's obvious that the feature is greatly needed, but it seems that Microsoft has decided to completely ignore the request. 


Will Microsoft even answer the requests for an update on the status of this feature request?

New Member

We need NFC tag scanning! What is the status on this? Why hasn't Microsoft told us when we can get this?

Regular Visitor

Last week I sent a private msg to @FilipK to understand if this was definitely discarded or if there's any hope to have it in the next months but unfortunately still no answer...😑...  @Audrie-MSFT could you please help us with this?

@brianmooreoxy  @tmbacon @JohnP1  @sahrastolz @wjhep @TimWenger 

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I can't believe it's been nearly three years with no noticeable movement.  What's worse is that Microsoft doesn't feel the need to even respond.

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Yes, this is really needed.