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NFC tag Scanning

PowerApps Team,


It would be extremely beneficial if you could insert an NFC Scanner as a media (similar use of Barcode scanner).

NFC tags are now being used for huge IoT projects that's why scanning NFC tags' UID and/or memory would be very useful!


Thank you,




Status: Under Review

This is a great idea, and something that we'll definitely need to support some time down the road.


In the meanwhile, you can always connect a USB NFC scanner to your device.  It will connect as a USB keyboard.  This allows you to put focus in a Text input field, and upon a successful scan, the field will be populated with data from the scan.

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I stumbled across this quite by accident. I can't find any documentation for this and can't understand why Microsoft would neglect to mention something with so much potential.


The ReadNFC() function returns the following:


  • .Text
  • .RTD
  • .TNF
  • .URI

I was able to use them by calling the function with the On Select of a button setting a variable

Set(varNFCtag, ReadNFC().)

What I really wish I could get is the tag ID, preferably in hex.