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Name connections

I have created different sql azure connections and I do not know which is which because they are listed with the exact same name.

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I agree that this would be really useful

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I vote for this too.

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This is important. I currently have 7 SQL Azure connections and cannot tell them apart. 


Recent update (bringing on on-prem SQL) caused all of the SQL Azure connections to reset. How can I set connection values without knowing which connection is which?

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Pick the correct connection. 🙂


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Status changed to: Planned
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Any update on this?


Especially for custom connectors / connections...

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Is it still PLANNED .... Any update @Audrie-MSFT please

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I also ran into this issue because of using Datasources (D365 entities) which have the same name, but are from multiple instances.

I have to manually maintain the instance to entity mapping in the app using a hidden screen so if anyone has a better idea please share.