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Navigate to a field on a screen

Please could you add an option to navigate to a specific field on a screen.  For example, I have a button on a Home screen which takes the user to the Search screen.  They have to then click in the Search field to start their search.  It would be much better if the button put the cursor in the Search field automatically so the user could simply start typing.  Thanks, Oz

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I'm sure this has been covered in other, related topics, but as a newbie to PowerApps, I'd like to add "my 2 cents":


In my opinion, not being able to put the cursor inside a field, or pre-select a button as the default, is a glaring UX failure for PowerApps. I have a simple app in which the user enters a part number into a field called SearchBox and it returns information about that part into a gallery.


In my app (called PartsLocator) forktruck operators are given location information based on the part number that they enter into the SearchBox field (which is a Text Input control).  My form/screen has only 1 Text Input control on the screen, yet the user must physically click into the field because PowerApps can't set focus on that control.  Really, in 2018??


If you cannot implement a "SetFocus" property on controls, could you add control -level specificity to the Navigate() function?  Something like:


Navigate( Screen, Transition [, UpdateContextRecord , ControlName] )


That way I could call my app with something like this:


Navigate(PartsLocator, ScreenTransition.None, , SearchBox)


and have the cursor inside the SearchBox field when they transition to the PartsLocator screen.