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Navigate to a screen by name

If an app creator wants to build a moderately complex app that doesn't just allow view and edit screens, having some navigation (dropdown or gallery control) helps to provide some navigation within the app for the user.


Currently Navigate requires the first argument to be of a screen type. If the screen name is in data somewhere, it cannot be passed as the value and have Navigate convert the text value to a "screen" in order to Navigate to it. It would be great if the Navigate function had the ability to accept a screen value or a text object with the name of the screen and just be able to use it to navigate to that screen.


You can see this discussion link in the forums that has another user talking about the same issue with some good discussion and a workaround, but we need a built-in solution -

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Adding @FilipK to status pls.

Power Automate
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Adding @FilipK to status pls.

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This would be great. I have task assignment section in my app and would love to be able to add shortcuts to tasks so someone can click the task and it will take them where they need to go to complete it. But I have to store that by text in my DB which then makes it impossible unless I do it the ultra messy way with a big long if statement. ick

Super User

+1 to this, would be really useful to be able to do this, and would make storing screen names in data sources a viable option 🙂